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Hi – we have made updates to the volunteer list for the upcoming tournament. Thank you to those who have offered so far. We do need some other areas as highlighted below- let Rick know ( if you are able to join the team!
Malachi Lake Clay Ingram Memorial Sno-Golf Tournament- March 2, 2024

So happy to have Malachi Lake friends and neighbors get together to enjoy laughs and the great outdoors! Please consider pre-registering to prior to February 26 to help determine food preparations.

Thank you so much for being willing to volunteer your support for the Malachi Sno-Golf Tournament!

The “Malachi Family” is strengthened by the community spirit of getting together and celebrating with neighbors. We are thankful for volunteers, for attendees, and for the smiles and laughs we share with each other.

Please feel free to let Rick know of a category below you would be willing to volunteer for to help ensure this event is a success- we appreciate your support and it is so nice to work together!

Task Before Event

Name of Volunteer

Task at Event

Name of Volunteer

-Promote Event

& Post pre-registration info

-extra clubs?

-buy extra yellow/coloured tennis ball

Rick R


Tennis balls donated by
Hugh Malcolmson!

Registration/Score Cards

Collect Fees/Donations

(4 players per team

$10.00 per player

$5.00 for chili/bun for those who have not registered)

___________ (2-3)

Trophy Prep

Trophy Presenter

Rick R


Check on and fix course as needed.


Make Sno Golf Course


Len V

Mark K

Perry S.

Doug and Shirley Z

Check on participants during tournament/answer questions and help players

Rick & + more


Purchase supplies:

-spray containers  for highlighting holes(coloured water)

-9 flags

-make chili

-buy buns, hot sauce

-shooter drinks

-coloured (extra) tennis balls

-9 pails

Rick R





Hugh M



-Chili and a Bun

-(Shots !)


___________ (4?)

Rule List & Scoring Cards

Rick/Laura  R

Collect all receipts for purchases and proceeds collected to donate to Malachi Camper’s Association


Purchase paper chili bowls, spoons


Plastic shot glasses


Take pictures


Set up:

Tent purchase

Tent set up

Tables/chairs for in tent

Rick bought tent

____________ Rick  +


Help clean up the course and tents at end of tournament

___________ (+)_

Also please see below the 2024 dues invoice.

Snow Golf Information: