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Malachi Dock installation announcement:

The Malachi docks are installed! Thanks goes out to a very dedicated group of volunteers that came to help install the docks.
A hard working group got started at 12 o’clock at the station on Saturday. It was a relatively calm day with good cloud cover so a perfect day for doing dock work. The repairs needed to the “T” was the first job of the day. We had the right crew in place, as within an hour or so the attachment points were pulled apart, and with a couple trips back to my shed, I call the hardware store, everything was bolted back together, including welding repairs to metal brackets.
Next was down to the landing docks where another crew had already been working. They had already completed the south landing dock and were towing the main landing sections across the lake.
Approximately four hours in total and the docks were not just installed but also repaired.
Everything went extremely smooth thanks to the returning of many volunteers who know the process and helped expedite the job.
The main accomplishment of the day was that the dock chairman did not have his L4 vertebrae, slight forward onto his L3.

I cannot thank all the wonderful people who sacrificed a portion of their weekend to help their community.

Don Gould


It is with great sadness we have heard of the passing of Al Campbell.

Allan Campbell

As a young man starting from Winnipeg, Al ventured to find his place of settlement, landing on the range of Turner Valley, Alberta. After years of ranch work, Al settled down in Edmonton, Alberta, started a family and grew to hold a position in the agronomy business that fostered his love for the prairies. The prairies, however, were second place in his heart – Malachi had always been his home.

We all hear the lake when she calls and Malachi was always calling to Al. In 2010, having relocated to Winnipeg for some years, Al retired. This time for “the peace and solitude of the Malachi Rest Home”, his forever home.

The Campbell family have been residents at Malachi Lake for over 100 years and Al took pride in our legacy. He was our neighbourhood watch, the fire warden, managed road maintenance, and joined projects throughout our community. Although quiet and stubborn, his love was shown through his acts of service, and he loved the Lake and the people within it.

Al is survived by: Meghan Campbell (daughter), Isla and Reina (grandchildren); Kristin Campbell (daughter), Mikyla, Brody and Jemma (grandchildren); Siblings: Gary (Bev) Campbell; Barb (predec. Dave) Hopper.

A Celebration of Life is expected to occur this summer 2024 at Malachi. More information will be shared closer to the date.

Clay Reichert has graciously volunteered to be the interim local road manager. Continue to view Reports from the Lake here on the website for road updates.


Fort Garry Curling Club
696 Archibald St., Winnipeg, MB
WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 2024 7:00 pm
The meeting will also be available on ZOOM.  We will send out a link two days prior to the meeting.
The Annual Report will be sent out before the meeting.

2024 Malachi Campers’ fees are due now. The fees are $425.00. If you use the road, the docks or have a slip, the dues are not optional. Cottagers with more than one vehicle using the road on a regular basis are requested to purchase an additional parking permit for $50.00. The Malachi Campers’ Association fees are used to improve and maintain the Malachi Road from Trapper Ron’s to the Malachi landing, the Association docks, a donation to the Pickerel Lake Roads Board, land use permits & leases, taxes, liability insurance, legal fees, FOCA membership, the website, in memoriam and honorariums, maintenance of the picnic area including the outhouses, the AGM and its associated costs and supplies.
Breakdown of the $425.00 as follows: $325 for the road, $25 for docks, $75 for the membership (land use permits, insurance, taxes. etc) Fees are needed as soon as possible to proceed with spring grading and other road work – work that makes everyone’s drive smoother and safer. Having funds available allows us to budget properly and to prepare for unforeseen issues such as mid-season washouts. The payment of fees entitles a member to vote on issues at the annual meeting. Each Active Membership shall have one vote.
If you wish to pay by e-transfer please send $425.00 to Please include in the memo your name and address or you will NOT receive your pass in the mail. If you would still like to pay by cheque to The Malachi Campers’ Association, please mail cheque to the treasurer:

Lacey Miller
325 Notre Dame Dr
Lorette, MB
R5K 0Y3.