There are two docks at the main landing and one that serves the southern-most boat caches in the South Lake. Please remember and tell guests that the main landing docks are for loading and unloading purposes only and not for prolonged use. If you are leaving for a prolonged period of time, we request that you put your boat on your slip. The south dock is for short-term, day parking only.

dock at the Train Station/CAMP grounds in the North Lake

A volunteer Dock Committee arranges work parties and oversees: the building & maintenance of the dock, installing them each spring and storing them in winter to prevent ice damage.

The dates of installation and removal (approx. May long weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend respectively) depends on weather and availability of volunteers.

NOTE: Please erect clear name signage at your boat slip in case of emergencies.

Respectful Dock Use Guidelines:

  • Slow your speed when approaching or leaving the docks.
  • Use the main dock for loading and unloading only.
  • Day-trip? Park at the south dock or your slip.
  • Away overnight or longer? Use your slip.
  • Don’t park vehicles on the docks.
  • Keep access to the docks open for all – especially those
    launching boats.
  • If possible, get large loads of cottage materials delivered before the weekend rush.
  • Don’t tie up at the blue ‘dock assist’ rails. Leave space for Campers who need them.
  • Keep your boat slip area maintained and free of debris. (It is part of our Land Use Permit obligations)
  • Keep pets leashed and clean up after them.