2023 INVOICE (2023 season fees are $425.00)
Fellow Campers,
This is your invoice for the 2023 Malachi Campers’ fees. The fees are payable upon
receipt of this invoice. The fees for the 2023 season are $425.00. If you use the road, the
docks or have a slip they are not optional. Cottagers with more than one vehicle using the
road on a regular basis are requested to purchase an additional parking permit for $50.00.
The Malachi Campers’ Association fees are used to improve and maintain the Malachi Road
from Trapper Ron’s to the Malachi landing, the Association docks and the maintenance of
same, a donation to the Pickerel Lake Roads Board, land use permits & leases, taxes, liability
insurance, legal fees, FOCA membership, the website, in memoriam and honorariums,
maintenance of the picnic area including the outhouses, the AGM and its associated costs and
supplies. Breakdown of the $425.00 as follows, $325 for the road ($25 inflation increase),
$25 for docks, $75 for the membership (land use permits, insurance, taxes etc)
Fees are needed as soon as possible to proceed with spring grading and other road work –
work that makes everyone’s drive smoother and safer. Having funds available allows us to
budget properly and to prepare for unforeseen issues such as mid-season washouts. The
payment of fees entitles a member to vote on issues at the annual meeting. Each Active
Membership shall have one vote.
The Malachi Campers’ Association is pleased to announce that we can now accept e-transfer.
If you wish to pay by e-transfer please send $425.00 to please
include in the memo your name to ensure you receive your pass. If you would still like to pay
by cheque to The Malachi Campers’ Association, please mail cheque to the treasurer:
Lacey Miller
325 Notre Dame Dr
Lorette, MB
R5K 0Y3.
Thank you for your support,
Your MCA Board