Medical Emergency

EMERGENCIES AT MALACHI (Updated:  May 2023)    The Malachi Campers’ Board created these suggested emergency protocols:

*NOTE:   9-1-1 does NOT work from Malachi landlines

  1. MEDICAL EMERGENCIES CALL: Kenora Ambulance Services DIRECT LINE: 807- 468-3311

Kenora Ambulance Services will automatically send an Ambulance to the landing.

GPS Coordinates for Malachi Lake LandingN 49 52 50.7    W 94 59 45.4 

They will ask if you can transport the patient to the landing.  If you cannot, they will enlist a Police Boat to get their Paramedics to the patient. They are not allowed to travel in private watercraft.  Depending on the situation, they may also ask you to remain where you are while they check if a Helicopter can be dispatched.  (Flying is weather/ daylight / availability dependent) IF a Helicopter can be dispatched, Kenora Ambulance will call you back and direct you to take the patient to the Helicopter Landing Site dock at Perry & Traci Stephenson’s.

Kenora Ambulance Service, ORNGE Heli’s, & OPP are aware of this location.

HELICOPTER LANDING SITE LOCATIONNortheast Corner of North Lake behind Perry & Traci Stephenson’s Camp. (*see photos/separate Map)

GPS Coordinates:  N 49 55 34.44     W 94 58 28



If you travel out of your home province into Northwest Ontario, you may not be covered for ambulance, ORNGE, or other emergency medical expenses. 

  1. FOREST FIRE EMERGENCY: (MNRF) 310-FIRE (3473) or 1-888-284-3473

NOTE: MNRF will respond to grass, brush, bush and wildfires but are not trained to respond to structural fires (i.e. buildings) Their role is to prevent fire from spreading into adjacent forest,

SO… have a water pump, fire mitigation equipment, and a plan in place.

The 310-FIRE operator may route calls to other services if the issue doesn’t fit with what they can respond to. (i.e.: The Pellatt United Fire Fighters (PUFF), who will respond to medical emergencies at Malachi Landing or Trail but will normally NOT come onto the Lake.

Minaki Fire assistance does not respond to our area.

  1. OPP EMERGENCY: Toll free: 888-310-1122    Landline: (807) 683-4200 

(Thunder Bay Call Centre will triage)

Health Connect Ontario 1-866-797-0000 or *811

Poison Control 1-800-268-9017

(MNRF) Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry- Kenora District (807) 468-2501


There are two Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs).  The AEDs will be housed in clearly marked boxes on the docks of member Clay and Kim Reichert (Jackfish Bay) and Bob and Heather Taylor (at the mouth of Ottermere Creek in Bradley’s Bay).

We are planning to install heated containers on their docks so the defibs can be available in the winter of 2023/2024 as well.

If used in conjunction with CPR in the first few minutes after a heart attack, defibrillation can dramatically improve survival rates by more than 50 per cent.

We urge you to familiarize yourself with current CPR training and the operation of AEDs. Here are some helpful websites:

There are currently two stretchers in CAMP building, as well as a wheelchair.

There is also a secondary helicopter site as you approach the southern-most tip of our Land Use Area.   This can be a drop zone for crews and equipment if required.

SO…PLEASE keep it clear of vehicles and trailers.

**NOTE:  Use all medical apparatus AT YOUR OWN RISK.   

The Malachi Campers’ Association is not responsible for any harm or injury that may occur while using these devices.

*************************PRINT AND POST NEAR YOUR PHONE**************************************


The following members, most with professional healthcare experience, and all with generous hearts,  have shared their LAKE contact phone number and locations (*Map separate)

Please respect their privacy and reach out to them only after you’ve called Kenora Ambulance Services DIRECT LINE:  807- 468-3311

 Robert Campbell     1 (204) 998-8154   (medic assist)

Dr. Signy Holmes        (807) 224-1291   (medic assist)

Scott Kissick           1 (204) 798-4823    (medic assist)

Matt Grosvenor          (807)224-1270   (medic assist)

Darlene Grosvenor     (807)224-1270   (medic assist)

Allyson Sheedy      1 (807) 788-0945    (medic assist)

Clay & Kim Reichert   (807) 224-1236   (medic assist and Defibrillator location 1)

Bob & Heather Taylor   1 (204) 808-5700   (Defibrillator location 2)

Look for this 10” x 10” sign at these Volunteers’ waterfronts:

**NOTE: The above members are not responsible or liable for any negative outcomes that may occur if they are contacted regarding medical issues.