Malachi Landing Parking Map

This is how we are managing boat and vehicle parking at the landing area. This is based on our Land Use Permit (LUP) and direction from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries (MNRF) – Kenora District, and the OPP. Our LUP requires this area be kept in clean and safe condition. Members in good standing are permitted to park within the LUP area. Others parking in this area are trespassing and will be subject to removal of vehicle, trailer or watercraft at the owner’s expense. The Malachi Campers’ Association has the right to remove vehicles/trailers, watercraft, boat slips, and derelict boat slips from the LUP area, at the owners’ expense, if dues are not received in a timely manner.
Outside the LUP area is Crown land subject to MNRF regulation. No long-term parking of boats, trailers or vehicles is allowed.

YELLOW Region on the MAP: This area is all part of our LUP which means we have to keep it clean and garbage free. We are not allowed to mow down any trees for parking or otherwise develop it.

GREEN Region on the MAP: This area is designated for motor vehicle parking. Due to limited space, MNRF has stated that trailers and boats should not be stored in this area.

BLUE Region on the MAP: This area is designated for boat caches. NAMES MUST BE ON SLIPS

RED Region on the MAP: Please keep this area clear for helicopter use in the event of emergencies, transportation of building materials or government use.

ALL OTHER AREAS on the MAP: This is crown land and parking of vehicles and boats are subject to MNRF approval and removal. Parking close to the road on Crown land impacts road maintenance. On occasion a complete road plow has been impossible due to improperly parked vehicles.


1. The LUP is issued to the Malachi Volunteer Road Association for boat and vehicle parking. The fee for this permit is more than $3,500 per year.
2. The Malachi Forest Access Road does not form part of the LUP and is to remain free and open to public travel.
3. No further improvements are to be placed on the permit area without prior written approval of MNRF.
4. Cottages with more than one vehicle using the road on a regular basis are requested to purchase an additional parking permit for $50.00 from MCA. This will help to pay for wear and tear on the road. Please keep your Membership and/or extra Parking permits visible in your vehicle
5. As mentioned above NO BOAT OR TRAILER STORAGE IS ALLOWED IN THE GREEN zone. Abuse could result in a fine and/or removal of your vehicle or boat.

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