Wolves at Malachi

Wolves at Malachi

As I’m sure many of you are aware there have been more wolf encounters and sightings than we normally see this winter and spring at the lake. Hopefully the wolves will retreat further into the woods when more campers start heading out to the cabin in the spring. But for now please be aware that they are there and that every time you go into the forest you are entering their territory. Wolves generally like to stay away from humans, however during the winter months when hunting is more difficult they can travel long distances searching for prey; this is when people are most likely to encounter them. They are also social animals that travel in packs, so if you come across a wolf there are likely more nearby.

Wolves will attack dogs

I know we all like to let our dogs roam free but this is very unsafe for them while wolves are nearby. It is therefore important to keep them close and don’t leave them outside unattended.

What to do if you encounter a wolf

  • DO NOT RUN! Running gives them a reason to chase you down.
  • Do not turn your back on the wolf
  • Slowly and calmly back away from the wolf
  • Stand tall, wave your arms and make lots of noise
  • Scare a wolf away at night by shining a flashlight
  • Do not let your dogs chase the wolf

How to keep wolves away from your cabin

  • Do not leave any food or garbage outside
  • Do not put food scraps in an outdoor compost pile
  • pick up your dog’s poop, wolves are attracted to the smell
  • Use motion sensor lights on your property
  • Do not feed other wild animals (if prey is attracted to a location, predators will also come)

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