Winter Trailer Parking

Autumn is near…Close up’s almost here…

Time to move your trailers!

We have been advised by Miisun Integrated Resource Management that they will not plow snow off the Malachi Trail this winter if boats or trailers are left on the roadside or in the ditches from the main docks parking lot to the helicopter emergency landing site.

Winter snow plowing significantly reduces our yearly road maintenance costs by thousands of dollars.
Spring run-off causes severe erosion to the Malachi Trail bed, so the plow must be able to move snow off the road and out of the ditches to prevent this damage.

To accommodate this maintenance and winter road access, the Malachi Campers’ Association Board is recommending Campers to please;

– Take all remaining trailers home for the winter. (We park and store vehicles, trailers and boats here at our own risk)

– Or, if need be, move them away from all roads and ditches in the area from the main docks to the helicopter emergency landing site area.

Thanks for your cooperation!

The Malachi Campers’ Association

*Emergency helicopters will not land if there are any objects parked within at least 150 feet of the helipad area.