Update from the MCA President

Dear Fellow Campers

It has been an interesting year so far here at Malachi. First with the threat of fire, and then with the flood waters of 2016, what’s next locusts? Once again, because of the efforts of many individuals we made it through our recent flood situation.

On the long weekend our road was badly damaged with at least three major washouts. As the water rose to unprecedented levels, many boats were rescued, temporary docks and bridges were built. As it became evident travel home on Sunday would be challenging, resourceful people bought train tickets or made arrangements for pick up at the end of the washouts. Some people even made the trip through the creek to Ottermere where they utilized the portage, or made arrangements with the Ottermere taxi squad down Pelican Pouch. My sincere thanks goes out to all the people from Malachi and the surrounding area that helped in any way during our recent disaster. Once again with the efforts of many, we were able to turn a bad situation into a positive.

The Board will also like to recognize the efforts from both Devlin Construction and the volunteers from PUFF fire hall. There were two people from Malachi that were taken out by first responders to a waiting ambulance by PUFF (fire hall). I think we were all amazed by how quick and efficiently our road was repaired. Once again Devlin construction did a great job.

If anyone gets the opportunity, please take the time to thank these amazing workers. Please take advantage of the opportunity to make a donation to PUFF fire hall at our “pass the boot” table at the picnic during the August long weekend.

Finally, I would like to appeal to the 30-35 percent of campers who have not yet paid their portion of dues. Road repairs cost money and these added funds will help with our recent expenditures. Leaving your dues payment to the fall, or August long weekend creates issues for our budgeting processes. So if you can, please send your dues to our treasurer or drop them off at my cottage (garage in back!).



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