Trailers in Land Use Permit area

As summer winds down – many campers are readying their properties for
fall/winter. The Association knows that this is the time boats and
trailers leave the lake.

This is a reminder that the area from the south dock to the landing, our
Land Use Permit area, is a *“NO TRAILER ZONE”.*

A large sign and a few smaller ones indicate this.

We have the authorization to have trailers and boats towed from this area,
by Godbout’s Towing in Kenora, at the owners expense.

As of September 4 the following boats and trailers were in this area.

*(Some may have already been moved out, and for that, we thank you, and ask
that you not store trailers/boats inside the LUP in the future)*


There are many trailer parking options in the Kenora/Minaki area.

If you are parked north of the south dock, move your trailer.

We can and will tow.

If you are on Crown land – the area south of the south dock – also please

We don’t control this area. *Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry can
ticket and tow any vehicle parked in this area for more than 21 days. Word
has it some trailers have been ticketed.*

Ignoring these restrictions impacts ALL Campers – not only our ability to
grade and plow, but to keep winter visitors and residents safe.

In some cases, your trailer or boat may sustain damage if parked too close
to the road.

The more trailers, the longer the walk from your car to the docks.

Also, members have had boats, trailers and motors stolen from this area as
recently as this past week.

*ALL parking, anywhere, is always at your own risk.*

Thank you!

Your Malachi Campers’ Association Board