Today’s Ice

From: Clay R.

1300: Walked directly out from my dock  about 1/4 of the way across the bay and got a consistent measure of 4.5 inches.

1600: Took the walk from my dock north to the landing.  Ice is at 4.5 inches  towards Jeff’s point.  Rounding Jeff’s point about midway around found a 3.5 inch.  Past the point halfway to the landing found a 5.5 plus.  (drill only gets 5.5 inches).  Heading south towards the middle of the bay most readings at 4.5 inches with a couple at 5.  This remained consistent.  Talking to other Clay and he reports 5 inches in Copeland’s bay with some 6 inches reported.  He has walked west to about halfway between the big island and the east shore (from Marion’s halfway across west).

Now at the narrows: Butch is down, and this is second hand, but apparently the ice on the north side of the narrows is “very thin”.  Overall things are progressing quite nicely.  The road was plowed the other day and other Clay has used his truck and cleared the parking lot.  Not long now.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware travel on the ice can be dangerous. Thickness measured in one place does not necessarily indicate weight capacity in that place or anywhere else on the ice. Travel on the ice is done at your own risk. The information on this website is given for interest only and is not meant in any way to condone travel on the ice or convey the impression of safe conditions. Be safe and enjoy the winter.