Theft in South Lake

Sometime over the past two weeks someone availed themselves to the tool shed of John Hess Jr. Enough equipment to build a cottage where stolen including a chainsaw, generator, large heater, air tools, compressor, hand tools and even the tent he lived in when building the cottage.  He says the boat used would have been noticeably loaded  with all this equipment.  If anyone has seen anything suspicious or has any information this would be truly appreciated.  The OPP have/will be notified.

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  1. Maybe related? Our boat at the landing (off our ramp) was “borrowed” last week and used to haul something. Since it didn’t have a gas tank, it was probably towed behind another boat.

    1. Maybe related, We had the fuel line from our boat taken… Jason (Bubba) Hunt for Don Fletcher They did not take our fuel tank, just the fuel line. If anyone happens to find a fuel line with a newer Honda engine connection and a older Mercury style tank connection please let us know.

  2. My husband and father in law returned to our cottage on the weekend and explained that while they were filling up their quad on the back of his truck a smaller truck went by at a crawl and were taking photos of them. Guessing they looked suspicious. Im glad that others are looking out for one another and hope that who ever stole all the equipment is found…. sooo maddening!!!