Theft at the landing

From Jim B.

Last Friday (yes the 13th) when we arrived at the landing we discovered our gas tank was gone from our boat. Needless to say it was a problem and caused us to stay in Kenora that night and shop for a new tank and new gas the next day.

If someone “borrowed” it or finds the empty tank lying around contact the website and we’ll tell you which boat to return the tank to.

Is there ongoing theft or is this an isolated incident? When we left the week before there was a Yamaha engine and battery leaning up against the dock at the main landing with no one around.  It seemed strange but I thought maybe they had just gone to get their boat and were coming to the dock to pick it up.  I’m now wondering if it was a complete package.  Motor, battery, from somewhere else last week and now gas tank and Yamaha gas line from my boat this past weekend.

I’m curious if anyone else had stuff go missing or even if the people with boat caches around the landing area leave their gas tanks in their boats or take them home.  If I do leave it out there I won’t be leaving a full tank anymore.

From Terri & Tom T. :

Hi, June 8th Sunday when we were leaving, around 11:30-12:00, we passed two boats pulled to shore just before the landing in a small inlet on the north east shore.  photo(3)One had a motor, the other did not, one person was in the one boat.. .? Taking a break from fishing?  Got to the landing and saw what is shown here.
We are sending this photo along just in case someone is missing it.  At the time we just thought someone had gone to get their boat from the cache.




From Patrick S : Seems it might generally be a good idea for people to take a picture when you see something suspicious, that picture might come in handy later.