Thank you to all who helped us with Cobs & Dawgs

Now that we’re back to the land of Internet access…
Thank you to all who helped us with Cobs & Dawgs;
to Jamie Campbell & Roley & Bev Campbell, who happened to be at the landing on Thursday when we arrived with the corn & helped load our boat,
Kim & Clay Reichert for placing & putting away the BBQ & stove, Susan Wherle for transporting the weiners & buns, Rikki Hampton for helping fill the water pails (especially since I was hobbling about with a bad knee), Sheila, Lee, & Hugh Malcolmson for schucking corn & hauling garbage. Thanks to our son Paul & friend Daiten, who arrived at Malachi Sat am, in time to haul our supplies & corn to CAMP, Bill for keeping everything running smoothly, & to anyone I’ve missed.
Thanks to the Hampton family for running the Poker Derby, as the two events compliment each other so well.
A huge thanks goes out to all of you who supported & generously donated towards the CAMP fund. Thanks for making it another great event & see you at Cobs & Dawgs next year.\uD83D\uDE0A
Dale Ketcheson