Road Stuff April 16

From Clay R.

Went to Kenora today (Apr. 16) and all was good.  First time without 4 wheel drive.  The road is mostly clear with snow and some ice still in areas not getting a lot of sun.  There are 3-4 areas with water running across but very little erosion yet. There is a hole in the middle of the road at the big culverts, between the swamps just past Ronnies.

I think it needs gas line antifreeze

There is a stick stuck in the hole with a bag tied to the stick. The road was mostly frozen  today with some soft areas where it’s sandy.  Keep in mind the road will get a lot softer as we go into higher temps this weekend.
The lake should be considered.  Although it looks like the snow is gone off the ice,  this is not the case whatsoever.  We still have a foot of snow and frozen slush on the ice which refroze with this weeks cold weather.  As we go into the weekend and the temperatures continue to rise the slush will be back.