Road Report Thurs. Mar 16

Thursday March 16, 2022

Devlin’s big bucket loader was able to pull the plow truck out of the ditch and because of temperatures and melting snow the snow plow truck struggled to get back to Pelican Pouch with assistance from the bucket loader.
The bucket loader then turned around and proceeded to scrape the center of the road where the snow was packed from snow mobile traffic. When on winter roads snow mobiles should always travel on the far right close to the ditch to avoid this mound of packed snow on the crown of the road.
Tuesday evening the bucket loader reached the Malachi Road corner and spent most of Wednesday removing the crown on this part of the road.
Unfortunately he was not able to do much clearing of snow in the parking lot because of erratically parked vehicles and trailers.
The road still has snow covered areas with melting snow and ruts from tires are prevalent. Caution with slow speeds, winter tires, a shovel and even tire chains are definite necessities for travel on these types of roads at this time of the year.