Road Report

Thursday March 24 TH, 2022.

After the bucket loader finished his work on the afternoon of March 16 TH
the next step in early spring road work was soon followed with dealing with
the snowmelt runoff.
Water was running over the road on Tuesday afternoon in several places.
Devlin Timber started steaming culverts on Thursday morning and by 6 PM
several culverts were steamed open on both the White Road and the Malachi
There will be more culverts to steam open when the warm weather returns
next week.
At Kilometer 12.5 the road had a channel cut by the water and this was
refilled by shovel work. There is still a bump there which will remain
until the first grading later this spring.
Most of the road’s snow pack to Malachi has melted and only the areas where
the sun can’t reach the surface remains snow packed with ice.
Caution is advised as rain and snow overnight and tomorrow will make the
road icy and slippery.