Restricted Fire Zone areas

What you cannot use

Except in organized campgrounds and provincial parks, you cannot:

  • have campfires (even in outdoor fire grate, fire place or fire pit)
  • burn grass or woody debris
  • use burn barrels

Organized campground operators and provincial parks may allow their guests to continue enjoying campfires during a Restricted Fire Zone period provided certain strict conditions are met under the Outdoor Fires Regulation 207/96.

What you can use

Gas or fuel stove

If you need heat for cooking or warmth in a Restricted Fire Zone, you can only use:

  • a portable liquid fuel or gas stove (for example, barbeque), that can be turned off easily by closing a shut-off valve or lid
  • the stove must be at least one metre away from any flammable material


You can use a charcoal installation in a restricted fire zone,only if you are within 100 metres of a permanent structure used as a dwelling and are on land that you legally occupy.

Your charcoal installation must:

  • be at least one metre from any flammable material
  • be completely extinguished and all ashes and coals safely disposed of before installation is moved or left unattended

Wood burning stove or furnace

You can use an outdoor wood burning stove or furnace,only if you are within 100 metres of a permanent structure used as a dwelling and are on land that you legally occupy.

Your wood burning installation must be:

  • at least five metres from any forest area
  • at least two metres from any flammable material
  • situated on bare rock, mineral, soil or other material that won’t burn and extends two metres around the stove or furnace in all directions
  • designed to be used for cooking or warmth
  • designed to use wood as fuel source
  • made entirely of non-combustible material
  • enclosed the fire on all sides with solid material
  • equipped with working spark arresting devices for all vents and chimneys

Safety tips

To exercise extreme caution when travelling in a Restricted Fire Zone:

  • be careful with anything that could start a fire
  • watch your propane or gas equipment carefully
  • smoke only when you’re stationary, never while walking or working in the bush
  • make sure all matches or cigarettes are out before disposing of them


Once a Restricted Fire Zone is declared, it is illegal to set a fire for any purpose within the affected area unless specific conditions have been met.

Failure to comply could result in:

  • a fine up to $25,000
  • three months in jail
  • financial responsibility for any costs incurred in fighting a forest fire

Report a fire in a restricted zone

Report a fire in a Restricted Fire Zone (except in a campground or provincial park) to your local Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry District Office.

Updated: June 21, 2021 Published: May 30, 2014

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