President’s Message

March 24, 2015

Dear Fellow Campers,

The winter of 2015 has been pretty good to us compared to the year we had last year. With just enough snow cover to give snowmobilers some great riding, we also had very little slush on any of our local lakes. At this point the lake is mostly bare, with patches of leftover snow. Hopefully, we will be in our boats earlier than last year!

As you know our AGM is approaching quickly and the Board is anxious to show the membership our proposal for the new constitution. Brent Sanderson has spent an enormous amount of time reworking this document, and the Board is extremely thankful. We are still making changes ourselves, but we believe we have a document that will give us a platform to work with in the future. We had planned to have this document to the membership in December, but the process was slowed when it was brought to our attention that our association is incorporated is in Manitoba, not Ontario. This fact required more discussion and decision making before we could put together our existing draft. A copy of our proposal is enclosed with this letter. I hope you take the time to review it prior to our meeting.

With an average amount of snowfall this year, our road to the landing should be in good shape prior to our first grading. Last fall, the White Lake portion from trapper Ron’s to the Malachi trail received extensive ditching and site line work. The good news is the work cost our association nothing, the down side being logging should start sometime in June or July. When the forestry group finalizes their plans we will pass this info on to the membership.

If you checked the website recently, you will realize that one of our long time board members has decided to retire. Darlene Black and her husband Gord have decided to spend more time enjoying the sunsets, rather than the boardroom. On behalf of the Board, I want to thank the Black family for all the work they have done for the community at Malachi. With Darlene’s departure, we are in dire need of a new treasurer! So far, our search for a new treasurer has not been successful. I know that somewhere in our membership there is the right individual to take over this position. Darlene has offered to help us through the transition, but we need someone now. If anyone is even remotely thinking of helping us, please contact me or any board member as soon as possible!

With this letter [mail-out] we will also include the names of individuals who wish to let their names stand for the 2015 Board and Executive. We are always looking for some new individuals, especially with specific skill sets (such as treasurer!). If you wish to join the Board, or wish to nominate someone, nomination forms can be picked up from all Board members.

We still have some work to do as a Board, but I believe we have the people in place to lay the groundwork for our future. Malachi is a special place, and we need to make sure that the legacy of Malachi is passed to the next generation intact.

– Clay Ingram