President’s Message 2018

President’s Message 2018,

Malachi Campers’ Association

Hello fellow campers, its early morning here at the lake and it’s a balmy 16 below.  We have been in a bit of a deep freeze, with little change coming in the next couple of weeks.  Over all, the winter has been a great year to do many of the activities we all love to do.  But we are all looking forward to getting into our boats for the first time.

Most of you are aware of the cutting area on our road between kilometer 3 and 4.  Devlin was in for couple of months, building roads and removing their logs on the east side of our road.  They finished hauling early March.  Aside from our road, Devlin also removed wood from the rice lake trail, and from the Ingolf road.  After they were finished hauling, many of us took advantage of the cut areas to fill our wood boxes. Most days, there were toboggans, trailers, and trucks travelling up and down the lake filled to the top.  We have been told that Devlin will be cutting near Pickeral lake next year.  We will keep everyone posted.

With the plowing of our road and with the slow melt so far, our road should be in good shape.  There are no large ice flows crossing our road like in previous years.  We usually have some costs associated with the steaming of culverts, but we may get lucky this year.  I am also hoping that the slow melt limits damage to our docks.

Once again most of the Board has agreed to let their names stand for re-election for 2018-2019.  We strive to make improvements for everyone, and welcome questions and suggestions.  We also welcome any new member that would like to get involved on the Board.  A special thanks to all volunteers who have helped with our many projects and functions.  On behalf of the Board, thank you for your support, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in May.

Thank you,

Clay Ingram- President

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