The Malachi Campers Association (MCA) strives to ensure that every paid member has equal access to all the amenities that a yearly membership provides.

That includes fair use of our docks, road and parking area.

There are almost 200 cottages on Malachi Lake that lodge at least that many families, friends and relatives.

If you are lucky enough to arrive at the lake before heavy traffic, there can be abundant space for parking.   However, by later that same day, vehicles are often parked bumper to bumper.

At any time, there can be more than a hundred trailers parked near the landing.

If every one of them were still attached to a vehicle and parked “first come, first served”, within the designated vehicle parking area, most drivers would have a very long walk to the docks.

Most observe our parking guidelines and leave their trailers south of the No Trailers sign (*see below).

However there are still some drivers who park trailers within the vehicle parking area and take up two or more parking spots.

MCA Parking Area Guidelines:  A background

The board of the MCA manages our boat, vehicle, and trailer parking areas based on our Land Use Permit (LUP) and with direction from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

We rent this crown land and must manage it responsibly. The permit fee, including taxes, is over $3,600.00 per year.  Part of your annual Malachi Campers’ Association membership covers this cost. This fee includes the trailer parking area (south of the south dock) which can be used by all paid members.

The size of our land use permit does not allow for utility trailers and boat trailers to be stored within the vehicle parking area due to limited space.

The minimum size of a standard parking space is 9 feet wide x 18 feet long. We’ve calculated that is enough room for approximately one vehicle per cottage.

The MCA must comply with the MNR Land Use Permit rules or we risk losing the renewal of our permit. That could mean that everyone would have to haul their trailers out.  The MNR has the authority to ticket and tow if our land use area is used improperly.

So, in keeping with our agreement with the MNR, we ask members and their guests to respect the ‘no trailer parking’ zone from May long to the Thanksgiving weekend and park south of this sign at the south dock.

Some added notes:

Thanks to all those MCA members who consider their neighbours (and pay annual membership fees that maintain our docks, lots and roads).

If you regularly park more than one vehicle – we ask that an additional parking pass be purchased from the MCA for a fee of $ 50.00/yr.

In addition, please refrain from leaving vehicles from the main docks up to and including the lower corners of the turnaround.  Delivery trucks and Campers launching or loading boats need that extra room to maneuver.

We are all here to enjoy Malachi Lake.

Your board is made up entirely of volunteers, who contribute their own time for the benefit of ALL members.

Monitoring the parking lot is everyone’s responsibility and we ask all members to remind their guests and neighbours to follow common-sense vehicle and trailer parking.

If you have any questions or concerns about Malachi Lake issues – please contact a board member and we will do our best to address them.

The Malachi Campers’ Association

Our Board’s Mission:

To represent the interests of the membership in a prudent and transparent manner.

Our Vision:

To foster a sense of community, friendship and mutual respect among the residents of Malachi Lake, while working together to preserve its unique natural and cultural heritage.

Download if you’d like to print for yourself or others.