Nov. 7

bad boys, bad boys they went to town….,  you know the music.  This morning we encountered ice south side of the narrows stretching out into the south lake 250 feet or so and extending as far down as Calverts dock.  The passage on the east side of big island was closed by ice so we went around the west side and arrived to find ice extending out into the lake 600+ feet and the bay towards the south, south dock frozen over.  We were able to make it to the dock cribs breaking the 1/2 inch thick ice.  Back from town around 1430 and our passage through had refrozen, but easily broken through again.  South side narrows the ice was broken into large chunks and easily passed through.  Consensus is, boats are being pulled tomorrow.  with the double digit night time temps. we don't anticipate being able to get out much after today.  FYI Otter lake has frozen over and Pelican pouch is reported to be ice covered as far north as could be seen.