Nov. 6

Today braved the wild seas and traveled to the tropical south.  At the south dock yesterday we had some slushy ice close to shore, today, the ice was frozen surrounding the south dock and extending out 50 feet.  FYI south dock ramp is now raised.  We easily broke through with the boat as the ice was about a 1/4 inch thick.  Traveling north, there is no ice as of yet at the main dock cribs.  Continuing on, there was ice along the north eastern edge of the big island in that bay area which was broken up by the boat wake. At the narrows, the west side where the turtle log is was about 1/3 frozen.  The boat wake cracked the ice but that was all.  Main channel still open.  Indian bay between J Reids dock, a small area froze, once again easily broken up by one pass by the wake.  In Jackfish bay, still no sign of any freezing.  In the far north in the bay behind the lighthouse, it is just getting slushy.  We have about 6 inches of snow cover after the last two snow falls.  And so it begins……… 

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