Nov. 29

Nothing exiting really.  The middle of the lake remains open from Indian bay through Bradleys bay.  The report from Indian bay indicates we may have lost some ice.  It is reported that there is about 3 1/2 inches of ice along the shore in that area.  N lake still has a persistent open area from Mazurs N to Stephenson's.  We were unsure about the status of this area till we got about 3/4 inch of snow last night and it became obvious there was still water.  In Jackfish bay we have 3 1/4 inches of ice on average to Marsden point, staying within about 50 feet of shore.  Drilling at my location showed about a 1/8 increase of the ice overnight.  A floating dock on pontoons has been perfectly placed by the beaver house blocking the snowmobile trail; really people?  On today's walk N, to the CAMP building, ice thickness ranged from 3-3 3/4 inches, most holes at 3 1/4 inches.  Bobby reports 4 1/2 inches of ice 50 feet out from his dock in the S lake.  Slow freeze this year.