Nov. 28

We had some progress over night.  Campbells Point retirement home reports new ice reducing the open area by about 50%.  We still have open water from around the S end of the big island across to diving rock, N to Cindys, then back across to the S end of the big island.  There is also open "ponds" out from Dolpheides and Grosvenors, along with fingers of open water here and there.  An interesting note; Rusty and I have both found reduced ice thickness in previously checked areas  due to the warmer temperatures.  In our case, we went from 5 inches on a walk towards the station last Monday to 50-50 4 inch/5 inch depths yesterday.  We also have a lot of surface slush (this layer thin due to lack of snow) and frozen slush/white ice which in many checked areas was the first inch of the ice depth.