Nov. 28

Insert disclaimer here: Ice is never 100% safe.  Traveled down the west side, staying about 100 feet off shore, to the landing yesterday and drilled en route  The paddle bit will do 6 inches and found dry holes down the west side.  Evil Clay has been traveling into Copelands  and Taylers have been traveling into Bradleys along shore lines being able to transverse across the top of Copelands en route to Bradleys.  Today walked from our place across to Campbells point and found dry holes all the way.  Around Memorial where the last open water was 9 days ago there is fraggle ice edges.  This is leaving edges which could easily catch a ski or wheel.  As can be seen on the web cam, there is mostly ice with some snow hummocks which like to slow the quad suddenly and actually turned it around when only one side caught the snow.  Might be wise to travel to the north lake down the west side and avoid the middle of the lake and around Memorial to avoid the fraggle ice areas.  No markers are up due to lack of snow.  Be careful and choose wisely….