Nov. 27

Today we have cracks that have zig zagged across the lake in various directions with flooded areas along these cracks.  Took the drill and did three holes about 50' from shore and 50' apart.  In all holes drilled we only found 2" honestly, maybe 2 1/8" thinking overly positive.  We have had a build of maybe 1/8th inch of ice over the last 2 days.  Not surprising considering the temperatures.  Next check will be next Monday or Tuesday based on today's results.  Keep in mind the S lake is about the same with anticipated testing being done in the S lake sometime next week.  As we are waiting, go our website and under "more", click "links", then "Lake ice from a recreational perspective" for some excellent reading on ice safety.  For those whom would rather skip this reading, I recommend the "Cold water immersion" section.