Nov. 22nd

N lake this morning has no signs of ice, but we had wind all night.  S
lake has been making ice, Sunday people leaving were breaking ice S of
the big island, and E channel.  We did another “last trip to town” and
passing through the narrows, the W side of big island was ice covered
shore to shore.  Passage was down the S side and E channel through the
broken ice trail.  Returning in the afternoon, wind had taken care of
the ice.  Unfortunately, our S lake reporter is absent at this time, so
no live reports, but I would suspect travel on the S lake may be
tenuous.  Forecast for tonight is -15C but with wind so we will see what
the morning brings.  Looks like the temperatures are returning to
“normal”.  We pulled our dock on Sunday, and the boat came out Monday on
our return.