Nov. 22

SW winds today.  Campbells Point retirement home reports the merry crunching of ice being blown N is lulling the residents to sleep after lunch.  The main part of the lake is still wide open E to W.  In the north end we took a walk on Monday and found mostly 3 inches of ice from the docks in the bay to the N side of Jeffs point, while staying within 150 feet of shore.  Interestingly on north side of Jeffs, we found a patch of open water along the shore line.  Not enough ice to consider continuing to the station.  Yesterday walked from our dock to the docks in the bay and found 4 inches of ice.  Very little growth.  We were going to cross the reeds to join up with the trail behind Hamptons and S, but the ice in the reeds was totally weak and we could see where the fox broke through.  Won't be venturing out very far onto the ice for the next while unless this weather smartens up.