Nov. 15

Today the north end of the north lake has frozen over.  Took a walk down to Steiners and found that the west shore was all new ice from Marsden point south.  Looking south, the lake is frozen over however hard to truly tell even with binoculars as we looked to the narrows.  On a line from Stearns to the east side of Memorial then south to the little beach around the corner from Butchs we have open water.  The open water spreads across the south side of the big island to the east shore, which grew about 200 ft of margin.  Rusty reports he was drilling in Bradleys and found 5 inches or so 300 yards out from shore.  He reports the creek still has a strong current and is open.  Now the problem is forecast mild temperatures till next Wednesday.  The pictures show Jackfish bay, south from Steiners and finally towards Campbells point.