Nov. 12

Strong SSW winds today have opened things up down the center of the lake somewhat.  Campbells Point retirement home reported ice was actually piling onto Memorial island.  Rusty reports Bradleys bay covered over some last night and is holding today in the wind.  The ice on his shoreline is measured at 4 inches by his dock.  At our place, Jackfish bay has opened up somewhat from the wind and out in the middle the centre has opened northward on a line from our dock across to Kubaneks.  Our shore ice expanded east and it appears we got another 50 feet or so of ice.  We have about a 500 foot margin of ice now.  With the wind, there is whitecaps out in the open water and a the ice can be seen to be moving at the shore line from the wave action.  Very subtle and a little bit eerie.  Ice thickness at my chain float, 30ft out measured at 2 inches.  Unfortunate to have to drill the hole to learn this, lol.