New Candy Sale Manager?


As a lot of you know, Leslie Alexander has been looking after the Candy Sale for many years. She is now ready to pass the Flag to someone else. Knowing that it can be hard to commit to a task like this every weekend of the summer, we are looking at having a few people volunteering for a few weekends in July and August.

Here is what it would involve if you’re interested to volunteer:

  • Get the list of items needed to be purchased and buy them.
    We currently purchase the candies from Costco or Real Canadian Superstore Warehouse (1725 Ellice Ave. Winnipeg). Bills for the Candy Sale are to be handed to Butch Hawryluk or to Nancy Proulx-Kissick.Pick up the Cash box  (with the key) to the cabin of the last person that volunteered;
  • Arrive at the C.A.M.P. at 11: 45;
  • Wash the tables and set up candies with the kids that are volunteering;
  • Supervise and make a list of what Candy, gloves or bags are needed for the following
  • Clean up and lock the C.A.M.P;
  • Bring garbage home.
  • Leave a float of $35,00 and drop the money off at Nancy and Scott Kissick’s cabin.
  • Call or send an email to the next volunteer of what needs to be purchased;
  • If not planning to be around the next weekend, drop off the cash box to the next person

If something comes up and someone can’t make it on their scheduled day, you can switch with any of the other volunteers.

Please send an email to Nancy Proulx-Kissick at with your availability time and contact info if you are interested to help.