[USNO param=”refresh”]
[USNO param=”month”] [USNO param=”day”], [USNO param=”year”]
[USNO param=”SortedTime1″] [USNO param=”SortedEvent1″]
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[USNO param=”SortedTime4″] [USNO param=”SortedEvent4″]
[USNO param=”CurrPhase”] Current moon phase
[USNO param=”Illum”] illumination
on a clear night
[USNO param=”ClPhaseName”] [USNO param=”ClPhaseDate”] nearest primary moon phase
[USNO param=”MoonUTransit”] moon at highest point (upper transit)
[USNO param=”SunBegTwilight”] dawn twilight begins
[USNO param=”SunUTransit”] sun at highest point (upper transit)
[USNO param=”SunEndTwilight”] dusk twilight ends
[USNO param=”NextEclipse”] next visible eclipse at Malachi

Sun and moon rise and set times are fetched once per day from USNO , based on latitude 49.9121 and longitude -94.9946 (Memorial Island, Malachi Lake). Dawn twilight and sunset times are sent to the Malacam each day to start and stop picture updates. (today: [USNO param=”SunBegTwilight”] & [USNO param=”SunSet”]).

[USNO param=”UsnoFetchtime”] last fetch from USNO
[USNO param=”AfterSunsetMoon”] Next moon event after sunset