Reminder, the metal clean-up weekend is coming up this weekend (August 20 and August 21). The bins will be dropped off at the landing Friday and picked up Monday. There are a few rules we would like everyone to follow to make the weekend a success:

1. Only put metal in the bins, the bins are not for random non-metal garbage

2. Things that can be put in the bins include appliances, electronics, and other metal odds-and-ends

3. If the bins are filling up fast please leave large things (such as appliances) sitting beside the bins and put small items inside the bins. This will help prevent problems with nails and other small sharp objects spilling all over the landing site.

4. Once you have dropped off your load, do not stick around, someone else will need your spot at the docks

5. Leave space for people just getting down to the lake to unload their cars and load their boats, and access the boat ramp to launch their boats if needed

6. There will not be people at the landing policing the bins at all times so we are relying on all of you to be respectful and ensure that only metal goes into the bins. If people do not follow the rules we will not be able to do any other metal pick-ups in the future.

After the weekend is over, I am asking for volunteers who have magnets or metal detectors to donate their time or their equipment so that we can do a sweep of the landing to make sure there are no small objects left that can injure people or puncture a tire. If you have this type of equipment or would like to help with the clean-up please contact Elizabeth Hughes at