Message from your MCA President

Hello Fellow Malachites & campers,

At this moment the ice is almost gone but there is a big chunk just north of Memorial Is. That is hanging on. Thanks to Mother   Nature (on Mother’s Day) I’m fairly confident we’ll have soft water thru the whole lake for your long weekend pleasure. I don’t recommend any water skiing though as a couple of people here can attest to the water being slightly chilly.

Please don’t expect to find the docks installed as we have to get a crew organized for that project.

In the near future, once the frost is out of the ground, you’ll notice some new signs installed in our Land Use Permit (LUP) area. That is from the south dock trail & north thru the turnaround. Please note that the sign will say “No Trailer Parking “. Unfortunately our LUP does not allow enough space for trailers. We have to have enough space for the 180 land owners that pay for the road, facilities, & the LUP area. Once again I’ll ask you to take your trailer off our property once you’ve unloaded your cargo & park it down the road. After the weekend take it home or to a storage compound that is available on the Minaki Hwy.

The MNR want us to reduce our footprint on the land and trailers take up space that should be occupied by a vehicle. The only trailers that will be allowed to be stored on our LUP will be those of the permanent residents who will have a sticker affixed to identify them as permanent residents . We have to remember that the LUP area is their driveway. Consideration has been given for those people that come GREAT distances & a different coloured sticker with an expiry date will be given out. All other trailers must be removed.

We now have the authority & capacity to remove trailers and vehicles that don’t belong on our property. This will not be done lightly or often but if there is such a trailer that is being “stored“, it will be removed by Godbout’s Towing . This also applies to those folks that refuse to pay the fees set by the MCA as they are trespassing. They will also lose their boat slip & stand a good chance of having their boat towed by the MNR. By The Way, the towing charge is $350.00 & $20 /day storage.

Please ensure that your parking pass is displayed & if you frequently have family / guests using our road & facilities consider buying another parking pass to help offset the cost of the wear & tear. Guests & day-trippers may use our facilities for a short period of time but must follow the same rules re  trailers, especially on long weekends, when parking is at a premium .

Here’s wishing you a safe & fun summer!

Gerry Hunter

MCA Pres.

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