Memorial Island

From Art Yorke:
It has been 65 years since the Dugald train wreck. My wife Janet (Gillatt) and myself spent that weekend with the Dixon family and Alma Wynne. We cut down an aging poplar tree next to the cottage that afternoon. Saturday night Pat and I went across to pick up her brother who was just discharged from the Navy, his first time with the family in several years. Janet and I were taken over to the station to wait for evryone to come over for the second Camper special. As we sat at the station the first Camper special pulled into the station and we decided to get aboard. We watched out the window and saw our boat rounding the point with Mr. and Mrs. Dixon, Tony, Pat and Merle. Our last sight of them. I often wonder how many others came that close to the end as we did? We have had a good life and give thanks to God for our survival. Is the memorial still on the little Island, my Dad was the driving force for it’s erection. Lake Malachi will always have a special place in our hearts!

[The memorial is still on the little island, Art. It’s now known as Memorial Island.]

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