May 11th

Today’s pictures from my end. This morning a pic of the errant escapees
from Jackfish bay heading for Marsden point. This afternoon, after a
day of little to no wind they have re-positioned, maybe visible in the
pic towards Jackfish bay. The pic N shows how little margin is showing
down the W side, and of course the bulk of the N basin still covered by
ice. All I can say is it “looks” rotten. When I can launch a boat
safely we will get pictures at the landing to give everyone an idea of
the damage at the landing before the long weekend. Otter lake went out
yesterday. Bobby reports the S lake still has ice but is “looking
promising”. We have a rainfall warning tonight thru Thursday and I’m
hoping this finishes the ice, however we don’t need the water level
going up any more. A Catch-22