March 31st

Today the road is reported to be fairly clear, some remaining snowy/icy
patches where the sun hasn’t quite finished the job of melting. There
is some areas of water flowing over the road creating ruts so watch for
this. The worst area is at Lepps corner where there is a larger section
of over road flooding with ice mixed in depending on the temperature and
time of day. Stop, look. choose wisely. The lake has a hard crust
which is still hanging in there. Tomorrows +8C will probably melt the
crust and remaining snow by evening. The amount of slush this will
create is really hard to estimate. The snow cover varies widely on the
ice. Our Ski-doos are basically parked even though we have scratchers.
We would rather not soak the bearings any worse than we have already.
Quad is the vehicle of choice for us and if the slush is a bit extreme
we just won’t venture out.