March 30

Dramatic changes today.  Went to town early and the changes throughout the day was quite profound.  The boat launch now has two big ruts running out into the lake to about the end of the dock crib, probably from the rain.  Access was gained by staying hard left and through about 8 inches of slush.  South side of the narrows the hole that was there is now through the ice and surrounded by water.  North side, the open water has opened about 5-6 feet closer to the approach and is within 20 or feet from the approach.  The margin at my approach opened about a foot and the quad crossed but the trailer broke through and hung up.  From solid this morning to open.  Called around and most all have pulled off the ice and/or will be off depending on conditions in the morning.  Personnel opinion only, you may get in,  but with the changes observed today, you may not get out.