March 30

To start with, Bell has changed their e-mail and comments don't appear with the pictures when forwarded like they used to, sooner or later I'll figure it out.  Photo credit to our intrepid Gary Smith whose comment was "the lake is full of  little holes".   As for general observations, at my dock the ice started forcing up onto the shore about a week ago.  An ice ridge popped up at the camp building right in front of the trail up to the station.  This about 14 inches high.  Along the west shore open water can be seen in random places along the edge.  Today it appears the "color" of the ice darkened.  We went for a ride down the west trail to White road and to the parking lot.  South of the hydro lines, the new logging trail is passable, with some muddy areas.  Time to the parking lot is a fair 2 hours (from a retirees point of perspective) from the north end, and about 27.5 k's. Point being, I'm off the ice.  We had a weird freeze up and the ice seems to be moving or expanding.  As Gary noted "the ice is full of little holes".