March 28

 Conditions can deteriorate rapidly and will vary around the lake, travel is at your own risk.  That time of year.  South landing;  water is running down the boat launch and starting to pool somewhat.  Have a good look before proceeding onto the ice.  On the south approach to the narrows is a minor, at this time, hole starting about 2 feet from the approach.  The narrows itself is opening, both to the south and north.  I suspect we still have a current through the narrows from the high water from last falls freeze up.  The creek never froze at the mouth all winter.  Report from Otter Lake is the outflow from the creek has eroded the ice out at least 200 feet.  At the station the culvert at the approach is flowing and the ice at the approach is staring to look suspect.  Campbells Point has open water at the shore.  The margins are still solid today but could vary by location.