March 25, 1st spring ice report 2020

Overnight the trail markers fell over so were picked up today.  This includes the cones at the narrows.  The cones at the station approach have been moved onto land.  The snow on the lake had a hard crust this morning then softened by afternoon with the higher temps.  We have the occasional slushy wet areas off trail.  Walking on packed areas we were breaking through occasionally.  Runoff along the edges is creating slush areas along the shore in some areas.  Going into the weekend with the rising temps we anticipate quads will be the way to go.  I hear some campers want to come out.  Keep in mind as we continue into the melt, travel conditions on the lake can change hourly so if you plan an extended stay be prepared to stay for the duration.  The train is not running and the only alternative is the quad ride out and around through White siding, assuming there is no washouts on the logging trails.