March 23

Today we have totally pulled the quad off the ice.  The ruts at the landing are 6-8 inches deep and options to either side are getting scarce.  At the S side of the narrows, the puddle has continued to open and appears to be open to sand, the north side has also expanded and has through holes which can't be seen.  The ice on the lake itself has interesting colour in areas and existing cracks appear wider after refreezing overnight.  The culvert at the station has started to flow and is eroding the ice at this approach.  We have also had a quad go through the ice on a lake just south of Kenora with unfortunate results.  We only had a approximate ice thickness of 24 inches and have had beautiful sunny weather for the last couple of weeks so conditions aren't a surprise.  Referring to last years notes, we are about 3 weeks earlier.  Every year is different.

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