Apr. 10: Good news. The infection appears to be in remission. The website has been running for 24 hours now with no sign of malware. This looks very promising. While it was offline and inactive, I did various scans and removed all known traces of malicious software as well as reinstalled the core files of the content management system. In the past, the malware was re-seeding itself at about the same time early every morning but this morning there is no trace of it! So it seems the deep clean and refresh has broken that cycle. Is it permanently fixed?

Only time will tell if there is still a ghost in the machine, or if a new one shows up in the future. Like any website, this one is constantly being probed from bad actors around the world, looking for a security hole to get back in and re-infect. For now it seems we are okay and should be able to watch the ice turn to slush and read the great updates from Clay and Allan as spring arrives.

Apr. 6: Unfortunately this website has been hacked and is under attack from within by malware. I’ll try and keep it going until ice-off but it may go down sooner, may require a complete rebuild. We will see what happens.  See you at the lake !

-Pat Sheedy