Report on the Metal Clean-up Weekend

The scrap metal cleanup weekend of August 16-17, 2014 was a resounding success. Elizabeth Hughes, MCA Environment Director reported on it to the Lake of the Woods District Property Association Area News magazine, April 2015 and you can download and read the full story here, courtesy of LOWDPA.

We enlisted the help of Sunset Recycling in Kenora who metal1brought two bins to Malachi at no charge for us to fill with whatever metal items we could collect. Volunteers lined up to be at the drop off site all day to help out, collect donations, and monitor what was being thrown out.

The day was set to kick off at 9:00 am and by 9:30 both bins were full. At times there was even a line up of boats waiting their turn to park at the two large docks at the drop spot. We taped off an area for people to begin piling the metal up on the ground.  The most popular items were fridges, BBQs and 40-gallon drums. Other items included old eaves-troughs, lawnmowers, sheet metal, lawn furniture, and even a couple of dirt bikes. In total we collected over 10 tonnes of scrap. Many trips had to be made throughout the week to haul all of it away but the metal2people at Sunset Recycling could not have been happier. They even brought in a metal detector to ensure no small bits had been left behind.

This was a great win/win deal for everyone involved.

If anyone took pictures at the drop-off area and would like to add them to this post, send them in.