Logging Update

The first stage of the logging road north of Malachi that travels from the
west side of Cygnet Lake to the old mill site at Scot Lake will be
completed by the end of October. There will not be any logging in that area
this winter. The second stage will be next spring after snow melt when
culverts will be placed to deal with snowmelt and rain runoff. Logging the
area south and west of Scot Lake will most likely begin next summer .
Logging west of Malachi along the White Road will occur this winter and
there will be equipment and log trucks active on the Minaki Highway 596 and
west on the Pickerel and White Roads. This logging will begin as winter
approaches. Be aware that the speed limit on the Pickerel and White roads
is 50 km/hr, year round, weather permitting, and that log trucks have the
right of way when empty and when loaded. Always travel on the right hand
side of the road at all times especially when going up and down the hills.