Logging and Road Update

Road restrictions are no longer in effect and logging equipment has returned west of the Malachi Lake Road.

The cutting area this summer and fall will be north and south of the White Road and on the west side of the Whitefish ( Ingolf ) Road. Late this fall the equipment will move into the area between the power lines and the CN tracks between Malachi and White and logging will continue through out the winter months. The logging is expected to be completed by next spring. Equipment on the White Road west of Pelican Pouch will not only be log trucks but also gravel trucks as the forestry area stake holders continue to upgrade and maintain the White Road due to the heavy traffic use. Miisun Integrated Resource Management Co. manages this forest area and one of their mandates is to ensure that the access road into this cut area is well maintained and in better condition when logging is completed than when it began. Malachi cottagers have benefited greatly from this current logging activity. Not only have there been improvements to the White Road but the removal of the old growth forest has reduced the risk of fires in our immediate area and is allowing the rejuvenation of new growth. The other benefit of the logging has allowed us to concentrate our road funds on the Malachi portion of the road with ditching and new culverts for better drainage as well as gravelling. There will be a lot of traffic on the Pickeral Lake Road and White Road as summer progresses, so remember to drive on the right hand side of the road especially on the hills and corners, and slow down. Our access to Malachi is not a freeway.
Be Careful
Be Courteous
Be Safe

-Allan Campbell