Logging Again

Logging has begun again in the Malachi area

Logging will continue throughout the winter months until March 2018. Equipment was moved in this morning, Monday December 18, 2017. Devlin Timber is now working on the east side of the Malachi Road 3.5 KM north of the White Road / Malachi Corner. They will be working this week including Saturday and will also be working next week from the 27th to the 30th and will begin again on January 2nd, 2018.
BE AWARE that the Malachi Road is much narrower than the White Road with many corners and hills. Traffic on our road will be greatly increased as the loggers travel to and from work and as more equipment is brought in and logs are trucked out.
SLOW DOWN to a crawl or come to a complete stop when allowing the trucks to pass. If you are on the top of a hill going down and there is an approaching truck coming up the hill you must stop and allow him to crest the hill before continuing. There is not enough room on our road to pass approaching trucks while in motion so stopping is the safest and best option.
REMEMBER Log trucks and equipment have the right of way and that the maximum speed on logging roads is 50 Km/hr, when conditions permit. It is highly recommended that you travel much slower on the Malachi Road.