Landing: Parking Lots and Docks

Please note that smooth operation of the landing and docks require everyone’s participation and cooperation. Please remind yourself and your guests of the rules. This is especially important from May long weekend through to October long weekend.


  • All empty boat trailers, boat trailers with boats, pontoon trailers and utility trailers should be removed from the parking lot area and parked south of the south dock well off to the side of the road and preferably in the designated trailer lot areas. This frees up parking near the docks for passenger vehicles.
  • DO NOT PARK NEAR THE HELICOPTER  AREA. The air ambulance needs a lot of room on which to land and the pilot will not land if he decides that his prop wash will flip the trailers and create a landing hazard.
  • On the loop by the main docks, please ensure that you have left enough room for trailers and delivery trucks to pass once they leave the boat launch area.


  • The two north landing docks are and have always been designated as arrival and departure docks.
  • The south dock is and has always been designated as a dock to be used for day moorage only.
  • If you are leaving on an overnight or several day departure please use your boat slip.

Many cottagers are finding it very frustrating as these privileges are regularly abused. Thanks for your cooperation.