Jan. 2

Probably the quietest New Years on record. Not a lot has changed as to conditions. I have a electric ice auger I freeze into the ice as its forming and did get it in about two weeks ago when I had about 3 inches of ice off my dock. It is a 6 inch piece of pipe with a 4 inch insert which is insulated and using gutter tape, it heats the inner pipe and the ice plug pops out, water access. Day before yesterday the whole thing popped out of the ice as it would in spring and the ice surrounding it had receded enough to leave a 2 inch gap around the whole thing. It was not plugged in! (insert scary background music) I have since reset it and am waiting a few days to let it freeze in again. Measured the ice and we have only 6 inches at my dock after all this time. Point is, none of us have ever seen such a late, weird freeze up, thus are very hesitant to even think about mid lake exploration. If there is any changes it will be posted ASAP.

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  1. This comment is for interest’s sake only.
    On January 2 I walked across North Lake from my cottage to Mahoney’s. I drilled in 3 locations all within the middle third of the lake. First spot was an area with a foot of snow which I can assume froze early, second spot was an area with no snow which I can assume froze late, and the third spot was an area with slush. In all three spots I reached the end of a 6 inch drill bit without hitting water.
    Later that day I rode to Scott Lake and drilled a hole in the ice about 1km offshore. Again I did not hit water at the end of a 6 inch drill bit. I rode another 4km down the middle of the lake and did not encounter any slush.

  2. March 9, 2016

    I’m hoping to head up to the lake Friday night and put my sled away for the year. I don’t want to just leave it in the parking lot till spring. Anyone have any updates on road and ice conditions? Anyone else planning on heading out this weekend or is it just too bad an idea.