Jan. 2 Road conditions

There has been some concerns raised about the road conditions, which are actually quite good for a backwoods logging trail and on a personal note, the association has done a fantastic job of maintaining the road with limited resources, and coupled with a winter road plowing collection, we have access year round.  This weekend alone, (New Years), we have over 60 vehicles at the landing, unfortunately, a corresponding collection of winter road plowing dues wasn't forwarded.  The issue is not accumulation of snow but a result of temperature.  With the temperatures close to thaw, the road is icy, and coupled with fog and a smattering of freezing drizzle, conditions are slippery to say the least.  Comment has been made about speed and encountering vehicles cutting to the inside of corners or meeting a vehicle cresting the hill in the middle of the road causing a conflict.  Our road is winding with hilly terrain with narrow sections and this impacts sight lines.  And please remember, this is a two way road.  Don't assume that you won't have a meet on a blind curve or hill because of the time of day or day of the week.  Lets be careful out there.

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  1. Thanks to all those that help to maintain and plow the road, mark the trails, and keep us informed through the website so we can get out and enjoy the lake. Great job!

    In case we are now considering a complaint department, I’d suggest setting it up three booths down after the volunteer signup booth and winter road payment booth.

    Happy New Year!